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Granites of North America
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Granites of North America
3900 Galt Ocean Drive; Apt 2501
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone/Fax: 518-524-6105

Garnet Gem Granite DisplayWelcome to North America’s premier granite supplier.  We offer you 14 types of granite styles to choose from.

We have a limited supply of our most popular granite availble, the Garnet Gem.

Our web site in under construction. Please keep checking back for more information.

What Granites of North America is all about:

There are two reasons Granites of North America was started. There was an opportunity to provide better customer service along with a quality granite product. Second, Peter Barton, having direct contacts in the quarry industry, is able to provide unique granites to the kitchen and bath industry. Many of these granites are not available to all fabricators due to their limited supplies. There are many small producers of unique granite that have granite quarries in this part of the world. Granites of North America prefers to work with those producers. They strive for unique, hard to find granite products that will look great in your home or camp. And, they offer competitive pricing.

Granites of North America will personally be involved in every step of your kitchen counter top process. From the first drawing, to the template and installation. Any seams that are needed are barely visible. They take great pride in giving you, the customer, a quality granite product that you will be pleased with for many, many years. That is their commitment to customer service and quality work.

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